Coaching vs Therapy




Assumes the client needs healing

Assumes the client is functional but desiring to make changes

Roots in medicine, psychiatry and psychology

Roots in personal growth, relational and business

Works with people to achieve self-understanding and emotional healing

Works to motivate people to a higher level of functioning, happiness and peace of mind

Focuses on feelings and past events, past-orientation

Focuses on actions and the future; goal-orientation

Explores the root of problems

Focuses on solving problems

Works to bring the unconscious into consciousness

Works with the conscious mind

Works for internal resolution of pain and to let go of old patterns

Works for solutions to overcome barriers, learn new skills and implement effective choices

Therapists work with clients that "need" professional help to work towards healing, recovery, and issue resolution.

Life Coaches work with clients who want a trained caring understanding person to help them evolve and enhance certain aspects in their lives.

Therapists are experts in medical and behavioral sciences trained to treat diagnosable conditions.

Life Coaches see their clients’ brilliance, strengths and areas in need of development and are trained to support the client as they achieve a certain desired outcome. We don't "pathologize" feelings, but rather encourage awareness, acceptance and self discipline of them. We can't control or change anyone beyond ourselves.

Therapists are generally required to keep their personal feelings and thoughts totally removed for their work with people.

Life Coaches use personal experiences and disclosure as tools to catalyze and challenge their clients.

Coaching is a very unique profession. It utilizes the best of therapy, consulting, mentoring, and even friendship, to create a unique client-helper relationship. This relationship is a powerful alliance - a partnership of sorts, which helps clients manage their lives, create more fulfillment, and live their dreams. For youth and young adults the relationship with a coach feels similar to that of a wise cabin counsellor.  The coach’s primary focus and concern is their client, and fostering an incredible sense of trust to identify goals and dreams that lie deep within each individual. Coaching is action-oriented. This is very different from traditional helping modes, where people want to get "fixed." Coaching focuses on solutions, not problems, to help transcend people from where there are to where they desire to go.

If you are not in our geographical area you may consider our Telephone & Internet Coaching/Counselling



Perhaps you need therapy/counselling or a melding of therapy and Personal Life-Coaching. DRay will tailor sessions to meet your unique needs. No two people require the exact same program, for all people are unique in their approach and experience of life.

DRay has over 40 years experience working with adolescents, individuals, couples and families with diverse issues. Health & wellness counsellor/therapist and life coach, DRay has helped thousands of people facilitate personal discovery, growth, development and healing through a unique blend of traditional, complementary and spiritual therapies, including:

Therapy - Life-Coaching - Life-Coaching for Young Adults - Coaching vs Therapy - Telephone & Internet Coaching/Counselling

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) more info…
  • Inner Healing - more info…
  • Stress Management & Deep Breathing and Relaxation Techniques  

Natural Health & Wellness - Alternative Approaches

DRay is experienced and has success dealing with the following issues:

  • Panic, phobias, fears, obsession, compulsions, GAD, social and other anxiety disorders
  • Relationship - pre-marriage - marriage – affair or affairs
  • Adolescent issues and concerns
  • Anger management
  • Disordered Eating - both in men, women & youth- restricted food intake, binge eating, binge & purging, abuse of laxatives, overeating, excessively exercise
  • Grief, loss, or pain – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Depression - Bi-polar Disorder – Personality Disorders  
  • Trauma and dissociate disorders including Dissociate Identity Disorder (DID)
  • Sexual disorders - sexual abuse and gender issues
  • Spiritual direction - guidance - concerns
  • Habits and addictions - including alcohol, drugs, sexual addictions and pornography
  • Crisis and life transitions – decision making – procrastination 
  • Interpersonal boundary issues – assertiveness – learning & developing resilience  
  • Creative blocks – self-sabotage  - healing and moving ‘stuck’ emotions
  • Emotional and nutritional issues negatively impacting your body, more info…


What Can You Expect?

You are a unique individual created in the image of God and deserving of special care, empathy and respect, no matter what needs bring you to counseling. Seeking help is not a sign of failure or weakness, in fact, it's a sign of self-awareness an acknowledgment that your life isn't going the way you desire it to, and you could use some help to sort it out. Your needs will be viewed as all important and you will receive compassion, sensitivity, and spiritual direction. You will find a safe, caring, sympathetic judgment free and confidential atmosphere to help provide open and honest unburdening and healing.

With healing comes the ability to live a more fulfilled and happy life - healing that does more than change - it transforms!

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