Core Beliefs – 'NES HEALTH' Mind Scan

The indicators on this page are used to identify where issues exist in core beliefs of the client at the time of the NES scan.

Core beliefs are usually formed during childhood and represent deeply rooted convictions about who we perceive ourselves to be and how we perceive the world at large. They form a personal perception of the truth that influences the way we shape and colour what we see, feel and hear. Core beliefs have a profound influence on what we allow to happen in our lives and how life events are interpreted.

Core beliefs can be both empowering and disempowering. A belief of 'I am capable' will empower actions while a core belief of 'I am incapable' will tend to disempowering actions.

Core beliefs may become an issue if there is:

  • A lack of conviction of the empowering aspect.
  • A dominance of the disempowering aspect.
  • Unstable convictions that continually vary between the empowering and disempowering.

Core beliefs are immensely powerful aspects of the human psyche, mostly existing at the subconscious level and can empower activity or lead to obstacles in life and thinking poorly of ourselves and distrusting others. Becoming aware of core beliefs, questioning the purpose of these subconscious programs, listening to our internal dialog of interpreting the truth about experiences and our capabilities, can all lead to a deeper understanding of who we are, why we experience what we do and open up the possibility for self-acceptance and growth.

The use of various techniques such as Thought Field Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Reimprinting, Neuro Linguistic Programming and hypnosis can be used to successfully transform self limiting, counterproductive and restrictive beliefs into ones that allow choices that lead to more positive flow, contentment and fulfillment in life.


All is fair  -  Life is not fair (Self Justice)

Life will give us many experiences and opportunities. Acknowledgment and gratitude of the smaller things in life will open the awareness to more of the good things we have. Becoming clear of what we have helps us spot the opportunities to have more of what we want.


I am capable  -  I am incapable (Self Ability)

Being realistic about our capabilities is important. Being aware of why we believe we have limitations to our abilities is also important.


I am forgiven  -  I am unforgivable (Self Forgiveness)

The consequences of our actions may remain but we have the capacity to forgive ourselves and others. Forgiveness is an unconditional process that sends love and understanding to the past so we can have more freedom in the present. The consequence of forgiveness is freedom.


I am good   -  I am bad (Self Integrity)

We are all individuals doing the best we can with the capabilities we have. Goodness resides in all of
us. Sometimes our thoughts and actions may be judged to be bad. Be aware of who is doing the judging and against what standard.


I am good enough as I am  -  I am not good enough (Self Judgment)

Judging ourselves and others is filtered through acquired beliefs and values. If we really could see ourselves clearly we would realize that we are perfectly good enough as we are.


I am loveable  -  I am unloved  (Self Acceptance)

Love is an inner experience and is something that exists within everyone. Love is a gift we can choose to send to others. Sending love allows us to receive and experience love for our self. When we put conditions on how we allow love into our lives we experience suffering.


I am OK as I am  -  Something must change for me to be OK (Self Acceptance)

Accepting ourselves for who we are and not who we want to be, brings us into contact with our true selves and accelerates the process of reaching a state of contentment.


I am perfect  -  I am flawed  (Self Judgment)

We are all perfect just as we are, however our actions and behaviour may not be perfect. These can be refined and evolved. It may be our beliefs about perfection which is flawed.


I am significant   -  I am insignificant (Self Worth)

What is significant to one person may be insignificant to another, it is a case of choice. In the universe everything is interconnected, nothing exists in isolation and everyone is a significant part of the whole.


I am unaffected by what others think of me  -   People must think well of me  (Self Confidence)

What others think of our behaviour and personality is based on their beliefs and values. How we feel about ourselves is a personal choice. Accepting ourselves for who we are allows us to accept others for who they are.


I can be helped  -  I am helpless  (Self Development / Growth)

Being helped is the process of being in an environment that supports positive change. Being prepared to accept help opens up opportunities for a supportive environment to be found.


I can be loved just as I am  -  I must be perfect to be loved (Self Acceptance)

Accepting ourselves for who we are allows the love that resides within us to shine through.


I can trust  -  I must be in control (Self Freedom)

The more we control things the more our life is governed by the very things we control. Trust is the opposite of fear and fear is often the reason behind the need to control. Trust puts us in a true position of being in control of ourselves.


I can trust people  -  People will take advantage of me (Self Trust)

The better we know our true nature the more we can trust ourselves and have the confidence to be who we are. The more confidence and trust we have in ourselves the less likely it is that others will want to, or be able to take advantage of us.


I feel safe in the world   -  The world is a dangerous place (Self Security)

Feeling in danger brings a sense of isolation. Feeling safe is a process of trusting ourselves, others and feeling connected to a greater whole. Fear is a prediction process it looks into the future, and from the many possibilities it magnifies the worst options and outcomes. Living in the present, noticing how things are now, starves fear of its nourishment.


I feel supported by others  -  People are out to get me (Self Support)

Being in a vulnerable position exposes a deep, soft, unprotected aspect of our psyche. Acknowledging, accepting and coming into contacts with our vulnerabilities will open up opportunities for a trusting environment to form around us, and help mature vulnerabilities from a weakness into a strength.


My life is full of hope   -   I am hopeless  (Self Competence)

All things in the universe are in a process of change, nothing is fixed. Hope is the process of looking into the future for positive change. Despair is denying the prospect of positive change. Accepting yourself and your situation for what they are now, in a non judgmental way will accelerate the process of moving to a state where positive change can happen.


Something good will happen  -  something bad will happen (Self Intent)

Something will always happen. Where we put our intention and what we look for will influence our interpretation of what happens.


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