Energy Drivers (ED) Creative Cycle – 'NES HEALTH' Mind Scan

The process of moving through life can be likened to a creative journey in which a series of events manifest along the way. There is the bigger journey of an entire life and many small journeys and adventures within that. Part of the quest of life is setting out to create, manifest or achieve something such as changing a job, starting a business, finding a partner, recovering from an illness, bringing up a child, going on holiday, bringing joy into one's life. Sometimes goals, aspirations, dreams and wishes are achieved with ease and other times there are struggles and blocks along the way.

The success of a venture is dependent on many factors, however a significant aspect is the level to which a person is open, or conversely restricted, in allowing themselves to succeed. Most people have inner mind blocks to their creative capacity, where some part of them restricts the possibilities of what can manifest and inhibits progress in achieve a more enjoyable and fulfilling flow in life. The NES scan can reveal through the Energetic Driver readings where blocks exist within a person's creative cycle. The Energetic Driver Infoceuticals can be used to assist with freeing these creative blocks.

The process of manifesting dreams involves: generating and COMMUNICATING a clear INTENTION, having a clear IDENTITY of who we are and being AWARE of the journey's experiences, identifying with the creative FLOW and connecting with EMOTIONAL drive, allowing CHANGES, developing the ability to receive and ASSIMILATE life's nourishments, ANIMATING ourselves into action while forming clear BOUNDARIES between ourselves and others, TRANSFORMING restrictive behaviours, clearly ANALYSING situations and what we want and don't want, feeling SECURE and CENTRED enough to make decisive decisions, MANAGING our activities and setting up a good SUPPORT structures around us.

Each of the above sixteen aspects corresponds with an Energetic Driver and the use of Energetic Driver Infoceuticals can help loosen restrictions and aid the creative manifestation process.


INTENTION (ED 1 Source Driver)
Key Words: Purpose, concept, idea, creativity, survival, resolve, gather resources, initiate activity.

Source energy is the vital element required to activate the human body-field and initiate all Energetic Driver activity. In the creative cycle this equates to the process of developing an intention. Source energy can be thought of as an 'intention energy', the energy required to initiate an activity, the initial concept, the spark to ignite action, the dream, the start of a process.

Intention is the primal impulse for all organised activity in the universe. Intention sets a purpose and outcome for the creative cycle. Without these attributes, activity becomes aimless. When 'Intention' is indicated in a scan this can reflect a difficulty in generating clear intention, purpose and aim of what is wanted and required.

Intention corresponds to the first Energetic Driver, ED-1. This represents the start and when 'Intention' shows there may be resistance to initiate a process. Source Driver is about gathering energy and sometimes 'Intention' is indicated when there is an inability to gather the resources to start a project.

Setting intention involves creatively thinking about change and possibilities. When 'Intention' is indicated there may be a creative block, an inability to look to see what could be and conceive a concept of what is wanted.

The primary intention everyone is born with is a resolve to survive. When 'Intention' is indicated there may be a lack of determined resolve for a project, goal or aspiration to 'survive'. It may be floundering, lacking the base intention to exist.

Intention is as much as anything to do with considering changes to restrictive beliefs, habits, and repeated behavioural patterns, and so open up better prospects of moving forward towards a goal. It is the start of change.

Source Driver Infoceutical allows people to gather their thoughts and resources to creatively set out a wish, dream, goal and form a path forwards. It is the first step to manifesting a new future and can boost resolve to succeed.

COMMUNICATE (ED 2 Imprinter Driver)
Key Words: Radiate out intention, confidence to ask, express self clearly.

Intention is the first aspect of manifesting something, however intention needs to be communicated and radiated outwards from the mind if it is to manifest in reality. If the intention is not clearly communicated it will remain a dream.

Imprinter Driver communicates the body-field information to the body at large. In the creative cycle concept it is about sending a message, communicating, transmitting to other people and the universe as a whole the wants, needs and desires.

When 'Communication' is indicated as an issue this can relate to someone requiring assistance in communicating their intentions. They may be lacking confidence or belief that they are allowed to ask for what they want. They may be communicating in an unclear way or not even sure how to communicate their wishes. Imprinter Driver Infoceutical can be very useful for helping people to communicate their dreams in a clear, confident way.


IDENTITY (ED 3 Cell Driver)
Key Words: Sense of self, individuality, responsibility, true to self, cooperation, energy, building blocks.

Cells are the basic building blocks of biological life forms. Humans start life as single cell which through a division process multiply into the billions of cells which go together to form a physical person. Each cell is a discreet unit, a building block for the body, however each cell has a unique identity and the survival of each cell is dependent on all the cells of the body working and cooperating together.

Amongst the billons of people on Earth each human is a unique individual with their own identity. The clearer we are about who we are (and who we are not) the easier it is to manifest wishes. A good sense of self identity leads to taking responsibility for who we are, our behaviour and actions. It allows us to be true to ourselves, and to let others be true to themselves. It is about taking responsibility to move from the world of wishes and dreams to the real world where things actually happen.

Lacking a clear concept of our identity leads to an unclear nature that inhibits forming clear intentions and actions. We may not be sure what is us and what is not. The process of creatively manifesting becomes muddled.

Even though we are individuals and have our own goals, often achieving these relies on cooperation with others. Cooperation works best when people have a clear identity of themselves and what they are aiming to achieve as well as an identity to the cooperative venture. Differentiating our own skills and abilities from others is an important consideration when setting off on a journey.

Each cell of the body generates the energy it requires to perform its functions. In the creative cycle this translates into having the energy to maintain a clear identity and concept of self and what is wanted.

'Identity' may show as a priority in people who are unclear about who they are, stuck in their dreams and not taking responsibility for their actions. They may be blaming others for their troubles and for things not working out. They may sit back and not take the initiative for forming the lives they desire. They may lack the confidence to be themselves or corporate with others.


AWARENESS (ED 4 Nerve Driver)
Key Words: Feedback, acknowledge messages, sense environment / self, observing, connected up, come to senses, balance, learn lessons, being in the present.

The nervous system forms a physical network of cellular pathways linking the tips of the extremities to the deepest parts of the body and the brain. The nervous system provides awareness and feedback between the experienced physical outer world, the body organs and the inner world of our mind.

Awareness is fundamental to the creative cycle. Without awareness there is no connection between intention and activity, no knowledge of whether something is happening or not, no feedback on progress. Awareness is about acknowledging the messages we receive so we can firstly appreciate progress and secondly make changes to our course if required.

When 'Awareness' shows in a scan this can indicate that the person is not acknowledging what is happening in the real world around them. There are the expressions 'come to your senses' and 'get real'. Someone may be so intent on reaching their goal that they do not recognise or acknowledge feedback from others and their own experiences. By ignoring feedback they may end up going round and round on the same journey repeating the same patterns of behaviour never moving on to a new destinination.

Life is a continual series of journeys and learning involves being aware of the experiences of the journey and how changing behaviour and approach can change outcomes. Solely concentrating on the end goal and ignoring the journey restricts the chance to learn better ways of doing things and improving what we are creating.

Nerve Driver also correlates with brain waves: delta (sleep), theta (creative), alpha (relaxed), beta (thinking). In a state of balanced wellbeing all these states will be experienced during a day. Awareness is in many ways about achieving balance in life and living in the present.

The brain produces four main types of brain wave which are shown by EEG readings. Each type of brain wave produces the listed effects at specific frequencies:

Beta Brain Waves (13-30 cycles per second). The fastest, representing the most intense state of alertness. The result of heightened mental activity. Maximum mind power. All five external senses, logical mind, memory from the five senses & logical thinking.

Alpha Brain Waves (8 to 12 cycles per second) This brain wave indicates a relaxed state of mind.. State of relaxed alertness, good for inspiration and learning facts fast. A meditative mind. In this state tap into internal “antenna” like qualities. Visions, powerful ideas, mindless creation of the incredible. Internal feeling & sensations.

Theta Brain Waves (4 to 8 cycles per second) Deep meditation. Deep inward thought. This is associated with life-like imagination. High state of mental concentration. A magical mind. Internal pictures / visualisation. Intuition, inner guidance. Access to unconscious material. Dreaming.

Delta Brain Waves (0.5 to 4 cycles per second) Deep dreamless sleep. Deep relaxation. State of oneness, whole body feeling. Pure being & will.

Nerves connect all parts of the body and some people with strong 'Awareness' readings may appear quite disconnected in themselves and in their approach to life.

The Nerve Driver Infoceuticals can help people become more aware of what is happening around and to them, become realistic about what is achievable, acknowledge messages they receive and learn from them so they can move forward, not repeat restrictive patterns. It can help people learn lessons from their experiences and appreciate and learn from the journey not concentrate solely on the goal.


FLOW (ED 5 Circulation Driver)
Key Words: Move forward, cycle, nourish, enrich, refresh, trust, go with flow, integrating inner and outer.

Circulation Driver is associated with blood circulation and blood health. The flow of blood through the body is essential to give it life. Blood provides a transport mechanism for nutrients, oxygen, hormones, heat, immune functions, and waste products and much more besides. If blood stops flowing to a region of the body it will quickly die.

When 'Flow' shows on the NES scan this may indicate someone stuck in their journey, they have stopped flowing freely, become stagnant in some area. They may have come to some resolve that what they have is all they can have with no possibilities for change. Alternatively they may be flowing in the wrong direction, on a course that is taking them away from their desires. They may also feel that life is flowing too fast.

Flowing through life is what nourishes us, enriches us, and allows us to change as we experience things on our journey. A flow of change allows old, outdated and no-longer useful ideas, beliefs and notions to be left behind and fresh ones taken on like water flowing under a bridge. Flow is about the free flow of a journey. When the flowing or circulation nature of life stagnates, people become stuck in their lives and desires just become dreams.

Flow is an indication of someone's ability to 'go with the flow', to be able to be carried along and trust that they will end up where they need to be. Trust is an important word associated with Flow and required in order to move towards goals. Trust is the opposite of fear. Fear restricts options by predicting undesirable outcomes. Fear of the future may restrict free flow.

There are two distinct blood circulatory roots in the body - one goes from the heart to the lungs and the other goes from the heart to the rest of the body. These could be considered as an external circulation (lungs) and an internal circulation (rest of the body). For free flow in life and manifesting our desires, we need to be freely flowing internally and externally. People can have active and free minds but be restricted in their external flow in life, and some can be very active in the outer world but restricted in their ability to move forward in their personal inner lives. Circulation Driver Infoceutical can then help with integrating and balancing these two experiences.


EMOTION (ED 6 Heart Driver)
Key Words: Emotional: drive, energy, motivation, fulfilment, connection, balance. Expressing feelings, reason for doing / being.

The physical heart is associated with pumping blood around the body. Modern scientific studies and ancient wisdom also strongly links the heart with emotions. NES theory and research into the human body-field also suggests the heart field matches with emotions.

Heart Driver equates in the creative cycle to the emotional reason and motivation for making a journey and the emotional experiences gained from that journey. Emotional fulfilment is a major reason why people set out on a course of action.

The qualities of our actions are governed by the emotions attached to them. A single task can be carried out with love, peace, wonder, humour, anger, fear, spite or many other emotions. Having a clear, balanced, good emotional motivation is a powerful way of ensuring success, fulfilment and a higher sense of well being..

When people are connected with their emotional motivations, both constructive and destructive, they are more likely to grow, change, learn and move forward with their experiences than if they are unaware of their emotional motivations. Heart Driver Infoceutical can help with emotional engagement and clarifying emotional motivations.

Some people are so emotionally reactive that they consistently overreact to experiences. It is difficult to achieve goals when emotions continually override considered actions. Heart Driver Infoceutical can be an aid in helping reach this state of emotional balance where emotional energy can be channelled in a useful way, one that will accelerate the manifestation of desires.

Some people seem to end up on endless quests in search of satisfaction and relentlessly pursue endless goals. They look at the outside world for their emotional satisfaction and continually want more and more no matter how much they have. However the true sense of satisfaction, fulfilment, joy, peace and contentment comes from within and learning to connect with these inner senses is part of the growing process and a path to manifesting dreams.


EXCHANGE (ED 7 Lung Driver)
Key Words: Change, give and take, receive, release, let go off, rhythm, relax.

The lungs take in nourishing oxygenated air and this is exchanged with expelled carbon dioxide laden air. In the creative cycle the Lungs represent the flowing process of exchange and change. Change is the nature of life and without the process of exchange there is no possibility of reaching goals and aspirations.

The process of exchange is one of giving and receiving. It is a general rule of life that in order to receive something you need to give something away. For something new to come into a person's life they need to make way for it by letting go of something else. For instance, moving from a state of experiencing pain to being pain-free involves letting go of the pain. If the pain is maintained then the pain-free state cannot be experienced.

Many people exclaim that life is not giving them the things they want, but often they are blocking the very things they most want by holding onto old values, beliefs and patterns; they are not open to exchange. When people want to change their lives they have to exchange a current experienced state for a new experienced state and the letting go of the old can often be the hard bit. The Infoceutical Lung Driver can be a real aid in these situations.

The lungs move in a rhythmical way: expanding and contracting as the air flows in and out. When people concentrate on doing something they often tense up and the breath becomes shallow, they may even stop breathing temporally. When people pursue a goal, they can become very intense on acting on it and forget to breathe and the process of exchange is restricted. Lung Driver helps maintain an open and relaxed attitude. Effortless achievement involves relaxed breathing and a free exchange process.

Flowing through life involves the rhythmical process of exchange. You can be clear on your intention, motivated, energised, integrated, flowing along with positive emotion but if the exchange process is blocked your journey's progress will be slowed, like a runner becoming breathless. Progress involves letting in new experiences and letting out old outdated ones. It is a process of give and take.


ASSIMILATE (ED 8 Stomach Driver)
Key Words: Absorb good, break down into manageable parts, nourish, resources, satisfaction, fulfilment, hunger (drive).

In NES theory the Stomach Driver covers the whole digestive track, not just the stomach itself. When food is ingested the digestive process breaks food down into digestible parts which are absorbed into the blood to nourish the body. The indigestible parts are excreted as waste.

Stomach Driver in the creative cycle context is about taking in the real world around us, breaking this down into manageable parts, absorbing the useful bits and letting go of the rest.

When 'Assimilate' is indicated in the NES scan there may be difficulty in taking in and making sense of what life is presenting. There may be an overload of things or the nature of what is being presented may be too much to deal with. Here the Stomach Driver Infoceutical can help people start to cope and see the wood from the trees.

Assimilate may be indicated when someone does not have the hunger and drive to actually do what they need to do. The Stomach Driver Infoceutical can awaken the hunger reflex and help people just get on and do what they need to do in order to 'feed' themselves with achieving their desires.

Absorbing the goodness of a creative journey is in many ways the purpose of the journey. Reaching the end goal is desirable but assimilating the nourishing experiences along the way is equally important as well as letting go of the less useful experiences.

'Assimilate' can also relate to gaining the skills, resources and abilities required to progress a project, venture or goal.

Eating a good meal in agreeable surroundings can lead to a profound sense of satisfaction and contentment. Many people strive for these two qualities in their lives.

Assimilation is about identifying, accepting and taking on the joys of life as well as the lessons of life.

Assimilate in its broadest terms could be summarised as going out into the world and gathering goodness.


ANIMATE (ED 9 Muscle Driver)
Key Words: Expression, independence, cooperation (relax, tense), movement, free will, strength, stamina, resolve, change direction, emotional / trauma memory, express emotions / identity, respond.

Muscle Driver is associated with the muscles of the body and the metabolic process required for their action. Muscles give us mobility and the ability to physically bring animation to our thoughts and emotions. We can choose to move our arms, legs, walk to a certain place and open our mouths to speak and eat. Muscles reflect our ability to express our independence in life. The creative cycle, is in many ways an animation process, bringing life to wishes, dreams and desires.

'Animation' may be indicated when someone feels they cannot animate their wishes and free will. They may feel constrained and restricted, lacking freedom to move in free way. Muscle Driver Infoceutical may help free these restrictions.

Body movement is achieved by muscles contracting and releasing. Muscles can only contract with power they cannot push. For this reason body movements are achieved by muscles working in groups and cooperate together.

When a person experiences stress it is common for muscle groups to tense against each other like a tug-of-war. Grinding teeth, furrowed foreheads, hunched shoulders, tapping feet are common examples. When muscles are tense it reduces their ability to react, restricts movement and uses a lot of energy. When 'Animate' is indicated there may be tension, there may be a tendency for someone to fight themselves, beating themselves up. A tense attitude restricts the ability to react to and move towards opportunities or move away from danger. There may be a lacking of energy to animate desires. Muscle Driver Infoceutical can help balance these tendencies.

Physical activity gives muscles strength and acquired stamina by working against resistance. Reaching a goal often required mental resolve and stamina and life has a habit of providing opportunities to build up our strengths. When 'Animate' is indicated there may be a perceived lack of stamina or strength to complete a task or overcome an obstacle. Some people lack the resolve to make a commitment to change. They may feel mentally ready but at the point of commitment, something stops them.

Our inner emotions are expressed outwardly by the muscular activity. When we are happy, feeling alive or pleased, our faces and bodies take on certain expressions and animations. When we are sad, unhappy, fed up, depressed or defensive, our body's shape and expression changes. How things manifest in the real outer world can be an expression of what is happening within us.

It has been observed that muscles store memories of past shocks and traumas. This can be seen quite readily in people who have adapted their body stance to a physical injury but maintain that adaptation even when the injury has healed. The physical may heal but the memory of the trauma lives on and manifests in muscular tensions. Muscle Driver is a useful way of helping people let go of past experiences which are no longer of use to them and inhibiting or restricting their independence, power, stamina and ability to gracefully move through life.

Cell Driver gives us an identity, Muscle Driver gives us the ability to express that identity.


BOUNDARY (ED 10 Skin Driver)
Key Words: Clearly define want/don't want - include/not included, adapt, flexible, firm, let in/out.

Skin forms the outer surface to the body, the part that is presented to the world, the physical part others see, the boundary between the insides and the outside. The physical skin has a number of important functions including physical protection, regulating water loss, heat regulation, excretion, absorption. From a creative cycle perspective Skin Driver links to idea of boundaries.

In the creative cycle boundaries are important for defining what is wanted and what is not included. A clear distinct definition of an aspiration's boundaries forms it into a known quantity. Boundaries come in physical, mental and emotional forms and the more distinct boundaries are, the easier it is to manifest the things within those bounds.

For the body to physically move, the skin must offer a flexible boundary, for if it were rigid the body would be fixed, unable to move. In life it is often necessary to consider adapting plans and boundaries as circumstances change. Sometimes 'Boundary' shows in a scan because a person's definition of what is required and the approach to getting it is fixed and not adapting as situations change.

Conversely some people adapt too readily to outside pressures. They may develop an unclear idea of the boundary between themselves and others and easily be influenced and diverted from their own wishes. Their sense of identity may be blurred. So boundaries need a degree of firmness.

Another function of boundaries is that of deciding what to let in and out. Boundaries can be impervious and simply keep things separated but in the process of life, transactions happen across boundaries. So part of the boundary function is to select what and who to let in and out. This applies to emotional and mental transactions as well as physical considerations. Humans are very receptive of other people's emotions and thoughts. Healthy boundaries appropriately regulate what passes through as well as protect us from undesirable things.

'Boundary' then is about being clear on the boundary between what is being included and what is not. Boundaries need to adapt and respond to outside and inside changes. They should reflect a flexible approach to life but maintaining clear firm boundaries and deciding what to let in and what to keep out are important.


TRANSFORM (ED 11 Liver Driver)
Key Words: Transform: beliefs, thoughts, emotions, experience, past. Process, evolve, opportunities, possibilities

In western physiology, the liver has many functions including generating heat, neutralising toxins, storing fats and nutrients, producing bile and much else besides. Overall the liver has the job of 'transformation' and processing. The liver transforms active toxins into stable ones; it transforms sugars into heat; it transforms fat from one state to another.

Where 'Transform' shows as a priority in the NES scan, people may be limited in their ability to transform life experiences into something that will help them to move forward. Instead, they may feel restricted, put on, oppressed by life. It is as if the toxins of limiting beliefs and negative mind patterns have become ingrained and will not let go. Liver Driver Infoceutical helps process or transform these states to one of resolving and seeing the possibilities.

As we journey through life our encounters are transformed into internal reaction, thoughts and emotions. To gain the most from a creative journey it is necessary to transform life experiences into nourishing and good opportunities rather than draining restrictions.

Conditioning from our upbringing tend to constrain, limit and predefine what our reactions 'should be' to certain situations. This learned behaviour can have benefits but can also limit potential for new things to happen. Part of the process of opening up potential involves unlearning limiting behaviours and beliefs. This is a process of transforming limitations into possibilities. It is the process of looking at your attitude to things and deciding if they are beneficial and helpful to you or a hindrance.

Our ability to transform beliefs, emotions and thoughts to be of use and assistance to us is a potent part of Liver Driver function.

Wherever we are in life; we have what we have, we are where we are and we have done what we have done. However, how we choose to experience these things is our choice. There is always more than one way to look at any situation and changing a view can transform a seemingly bad situation into something completely different. Transform' may show when limitations are put on possibilities.

A valuable part of the transformation process is looking at memories of situations and exploring them from different viewpoints. It is possible to transform past memories and their effect on us by giving them love, understanding and accepting the lessons they hold.

The Liver Driver Infoceutical can assist in transforming limiting beliefs, attitudes, experiences, into opportunities and possibilities. Transformation is the process of evolving capabilities and this can often involve transforming memories which anchor people to the past and not letting them move into the future.


ANALYSE (ED 12 Kidney Driver)
Key Words: Distinguish, filter, sense (real/perceived), determine want/don't want, inner balance/harmony, cope with stress.

The Kidney Driver is associated with the renal and adrenal functions. The main renal function is one of filtering urea from the blood to form urine. The kidneys are also an important sensing organ for chemical concentrations in the blood such as ions of sodium, potassium, hydrogen, oxygen, and compounds such as amino acids, and glucose. The kidneys also play an important role in regulation of blood pressure and glucose metabolism.

So, in essence, the kidneys are about analysing, filtering and regulating. In the creative cycle consideration this equates to analysing possibilities and situations and filtering the opportunities that are the most useful to advance a creative journey. This is the process of determining between what we want and don't want, what will benefit us and what won't.

The kidneys function of regulation provide a sense of what is required for internal balance. Where there is a high reading for 'Analyse' there may be a difficulty in sensing what it required and what is not in order to maintain balance in life and regulating activity.

The adrenal glands sit on top of the Kidneys and their functions are linked to the Kidney Driver. The adrenals secrete hormones, in particular adrenaline, which affects body metabolism. Adrenaline can induce a surge of energy when danger is perceived or immediate physical action is required. When adrenaline is released the body senses are heightened. Mental stress from the pressures of everyday life can result in adrenaline release. If this is maintained over a long period then this can be detrimental to wellbeing. It will also affect the ability to creatively manifest wishes, as the ability to calmly analyse situations, decide what to react to and what not to will be impaired.

When 'Analyse' is indicated long term stress may be present. Learning to deal with stress is being able to sense what is a real stress factor and life threatening, and what is perceived as life threatening. Our ability to filter the important from the mundane is part of the Analyse function. People who struggle to deal with everyday stress can benefit from Kidney Driver Infoceutical.


SECURITY (ED 13 Immunity Driver)
Key Words: Decisive, definite, forceful, tenacious, commitment, face up to things, instinct, know what is right, judge situation, insecurity

The body's immune system forms a security mechanism for protection from both external invaders and internal disturbances. Immunity is a highly evolved and complex physiological process, and according to NES theory incorporates a self correction mechanism where immunity not only protects but also corrects damage in the body.
Immunity Driver relates to the body's security system which involves detection, resistance, neutralising and repair. This system becomes operational when a threat is detected and acts in a decisive, definite, forceful and tenacious way. There is nothing wishy-washy about the immune system.

When 'Security' is indicated in a NES scan there may be difficulty in making definite decisions and decisively acting on them. This may be due to an inability to make a clear distinction of a 'threat' to achieving a goal. The threat can be internal such as a limiting belief or behavioural patterns, or outside such as actions of others. Security also involves neutralising threats and when 'Security' is indicated there may be a tendency to shy away from situations that need to be faced up to and dealt with. This includes looking at fears and insecurities.

Security is an instinctive process. It is knowing what is right for you and what is not. It involves committing to a goal and making definite decisions to fulfil that goal, and sticking to the plan no matter what.

The consequence of an oversensitive security system is an over defensive attitude, where criticism is easily taken and over reaction occurs (like an allergic reaction). There is a fine balance between reacting in an appropriate way and overreacting. A state of constant alert does not lead to a calm state of being and enjoyment of life. So security is also about being able to judge when to be wary and when to relax.

Immunity Driver Infoceutical can be useful when there is a lack of a categorical ability to say yes and no and to clearly distinguish helpful from unhelpful. It can help in regaining the confidence to make definite choices and actions along with committing to a goal and facing up to reality. It can aid in achieving a balanced state of knowing when to react and when to relax.


CENTERED (ED 14 Spleen/Omentum Driver)
Key Words: State of being: calm, balanced, grounded, open, clear, relaxed, aware, alert and ready to react. Confidence, vulnerable, reserves.

The spleen has a number of functions including forming a reservoir of blood for use in emergency such as in a haemorrhage. The Omentum is a protective sheath that covers the internal organs of the abdomen acting as a shock absorber, fat and nutrient reservoir and shield against excessive temperature changes.

Centered from the creative cycle perspective relates to the abdomen forming the physical centre of the body (centre of gravity) which in Eastern culture is referred to as the Hara or dantian. The abdomen is a vulnerable area of the body where many vital organs have only a thin layer of muscles to protect them from the outside. Other organs such as the heart, lungs, liver etc. are surrounded by protective bones.

A centred state of being involves being: calm, balanced, grounded, open, clear, relaxed but also aware, alert and ready to react. There is a confident attitude. A centred state provides a powerful position in which to creatively manifest desires and wishes. There is the expression knocked off centre which applies to someone who has experienced something that has taken them away from their centred state resulting in them acting in a disorientated manner.

To be centered involves having the confidence to be open and vulnerable. This is akin to exposing a relaxed abdomen. A tight or inflamed abdomen is linked to tension, fear and hiding vulnerability. A centered emotional state involves being able to face one's vulnerabilities and expose them to the world. To fully connect with the world and manifest dreams requires a degree of openness where the inner vulnerable self can be put on display. To do this requires trust.

The spleen provides reserves of our most vital substance - blood. The Omentum provides reserves of vital nutrients for the abdominal organs. Having a sense of reserves is part of feeling centered. If we are extended to our limits with no reserves then we will feel very exposed and unable to cope with any more demands. Pursuing a goal will at times call on reserves. To make changes involves risk as things may not happen as expected.

The Spleen Driver Infoceutical can help people connect with their reserves and feel confident enough in themselves to take risks. It can help regain a centered state from which to act in productive, grounded way.


MANAGE (ED 15 Pancreas Driver)
Key Words: Control, facilitate, regulate, coordinate, delegate, organise, direct energy/activity

The Pancreas Driver is associated with the functions of the pancreas which principally produces digestive enzymes to break down food so nutrients can be absorbed into the blood. The pancreas also secretes hormones to manage the levels of blood nutrients and regulate blood sugar levels. From the creative cycle perspective the key word association is manage.

Essentially enzymes manage chemical reactions in the body. They initiate and oversee chemical processes but do not do the processing themselves. Just as an office manager directs, guides and instructs activity in an office without doing the activities.

'Manage' may show in a scan where someone is experiencing difficulty in managing and coordinating activities to accomplish something. There may be difficulty in delegating tasks and a need to do everything themselves. There may be a poor ability to regulate what they are doing and organise their activities. They may also show a tendency to put their energy into non productive activities and generally mismanage where there energy is being directed.

Sometimes 'Manage' is indicated when someone is over managing tasks. They may be applying excessive regulation to even the smallest tasks. Management of activities is generally required in order to manifest things but at the same time over management restricts the creative process. Learning when to go with the flow and when to direct activity is part of the creative cycle.

The Pancreas Driver Infoceutical can act as an aid to help coordinate and direct activities, attentions and energy in a fruitful and productive direction.


SUPPORT (ED 16 Bone Driver)
Key Words: Structure, network, protect, absorb knocks, attached, end, complete, matrix of life.

Bones provide support, give protection and give shape to the body. They also provide the attachment points for muscles. In the creative cycle context the key word is support.

A good support structure maximises the ability to absorb impacts, stress and the knocks of life. 'Support' may show in the scan for people who feel they have a limited support structure (network) around them and may experience a sense of being exposed, unprotected and unsupported. This sense can be for themselves or something they are undertaking.

Muscles are attached (anchored) to bones, this is how muscles move bones and our body. When 'Support' is indicated in a NES scan there may be a feeling of being unattached and drifting, no control over what is happening.

Bones themselves are formed from a number of types of cells and these cells arrange themselves in a very structured way (a matrix) which maximise strength and reduce weight. Having a strong support structure around one in life is a very reassuring and opens up more opportunities to progress, change, grow and manifest desires.

Support can be at a moral, emotional or purely practical level. Life can feel very lonely and exposed if there is no sense of support. Conversely it is possible to be within a highly structured environment that has too much weight to the support process and a sense of being stifled, weighed down and restricted in freedom may dominate.

The Bone Driver is the last of the drivers and represents the completion stage where the journey reaches a goal. 'Support' can indicate a person has difficulty in completing a project or goal - close the deal. They may have done all the preparation work but just can't quite finalise the process. The use of Bone Driver Infoceutical may help people move into the end game and finalise their goals.

The ultimate level of support comes from realisation that everyone and everything is part of an interconnected, interdependent whole, a matrix of life.

The use of Bone Driver Infoceutical may be useful in helping people form a support structure so they feel more able to go out and do the things they want to and deal with issues as they arise and complete what they set out to do.


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Details of NES Health Infoceuticals & Scans

Description of the over 65 corrective drops (infoceuticals)

Description of the 145 NES Health scans  


Details of New NES Health Mind Scans

Core Emotions - Mind Scan

Core Beliefs - Mind Scan

Energy Drivers (ED) Creative Cycle - Mind Scan

Energy Integrator (EI) Emotions - Mind Scan

Shock Conflict - NES Health Mind Scan

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