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What is Inner Healing?

DRay is aware that some problems, pain, depression, anxiety and addiction are difficult to be healed through traditional therapy and other alternative methodologies.  He knows that healing comes from the hand of God. The phrase “inner healing” has been used for several decades to refer to the ministry of the God Head to bring deep inward healing.

What are some of the benefits of Inner Healing?

  • Inner Healing is the healing of the inner person, the spirit and the deep hurts and past wounds.
  • Inner healing is the healing of memories.
  • Inner healing is the healing of the wounds created by the hurts of others as well as negative personal choices.
  • Inner healing is also the releasing of bondage's, addictions and compulsive behaviours and substance abuse.
  • Inner healing can be instrumental in freeing people from pain and releasing them from anxiety and depression.
  • Inner healing often helps in marriage counseling.
  • Inner healing is God revealing His presence and love to the inner self.
  • Inner healing is removing the god of this world’s footholds.
  • Inner healing is God filling the empty desolate places in our lives with His love.
  • Inner healing is God meeting our past unmet needs.  
  • Inner healing is also God working deeply in a person to identify and revel our true self.

What type of Inner Healing does DRay use?

DRay believes that there is merit and truth in many forms and approaches to inner healing. He does not represent one stream or style or one methodology but instead endeavour to work with God in inner healing utilizing ministry tools as God leads and directs.


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