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The iMRS Pulsed Magnetic Resonance Therapy System has been shown to:

  • Be the Ultimate Anti-Aging and Health Device
  • Improve Energy
  • Strengthen the Immune System
  • Stimulate and Improve the Nervous System - Help With Deep Relaxing Sleep (and Waking Up More Refreshed)
  • Assist With Stress Management and Relation
  • Help Alleviate Pain and Inflammation
  • Improve Circulation
  • Help Skin Issues
  • Assist With Bone Health
  • Be the Ultimate in Prevention and Health Maintenance to Help Keep You Healthy and Pain Free!
  • Help you Feel Younger and More Energetic laying on the PEMF Therapy Mat for ONLY 8 Minutes Twice a Day!


DRay is designated as a 'Certified PEMF Practitioner' in accordance with European guidelines 93/42.EWG.

"Electromagnetic energy is the elemental energy on which all life and organisms depend on.“ Prof. Dr. Werner Heisenbergy, German Physicist, Recipient of the Nobel Prize (November 2007)

The health-promoting effects of static magnetic fields have been known since ancient times. Pulsed electromagnetic fields have been used since the 1950's to achieve better bone healing. But it was not until the invention of low-energy magnetic resonance stimulation that it was possible to use magnetic fields effectively for natural health care.

In magnetic resonance stimulation, the body is stimulated with a pulsed magnetic field with specific frequency bundles, similar to the frequency bundles of the natural magnetic field of the earth. This results in activation of the fundamental metabolic functions of every cell in the body.

A Holistic Natural Approach. This is also why pulsed magnetic resonance stimulation is so gentle and why it has such a wide variety of uses. The cellular activation provides support for the body's own powers of self-healing. Magnetic resonance stimulation can therefore be used anywhere where holistic health and vitality are desired. The electromagnetic pulse may provide a direct-to-cell delivery system for nutrients, nutriceuticals and medicines present in the body resulting in increased absorption and a rejuvenating effect.

Pulsed Magnetic-resonance-stimulation can lead to better oxygen utilization of the tissue (in the cell):

Under the influence of pulsating magnetic fields, red blood cells deliver more oxygen to every single cell. Magnetic fields are an important requirement for improved cell function, particularly in the case of cells in a state of “fatigued function.” Such cells are fatigued due to lack of oxygen and nutrients. They no longer function properly or are in danger of cell death. Through the therapeutic application of pulsating magnetic fields, these cells increasingly absorb fuel again. The cells’ own power generators (Mitochondria) will begin to produce more energy and the cell membrane pump will increase its activity. In the process, the membrane potential is being increased, together with cell tension so that the cell gains its activity and can resume its tasks. The influence of the magnetic field on the energy balance of the cells is not a mysterious transmission of energy to the cells. Rather, there are purely biological processes occurring in and around the cell. These processes are due primarily to the increased oxygen supply resulting from improvement of the membrane potential. 

Pulsed Magnetic-resonance-stimulation can improve metabolism:

Sufficient oxygen supply promotes improved nutrient conversion in the cell as well as refinement of the waste products that are excreted by the cell more easily. This overall improved metabolism is therefore a logical consequence of increased oxygen supply. This metabolism is also being supported by improved blood circulation of the tissue that is responsible for the anti-inflammatory effect of magnetic resonance stimulation.

Pulsed Magnetic-resonance-stimulation can assist with muscle relaxation and improved circulation:

Therapeutic application of pulsating magnetic fields produces tiny electromagnetic impulses (inductions) in the body. These electro magnetic impulses in turn produce surges at the transmission points of nerve and muscle cells (myoceptors) called “hyper polarization”. By weakening nerve impulses to the muscle cells, they lose their tension and are able to relax! This has a positive effect on the entire organism: Muscle relaxation and improved blood circulation are the results. All muscle tension and even spasm can be relieved or even eliminated. Headaches and back pain are often caused by muscle tension that can be treated naturally with this modality. Herniated disks are a primary area of treatment: The affected disk signals to the “control system” (the brain) that there is damage. As a natural reaction, the brain orders the muscles to tense-up in this area. Now the disk is under even more pressure as the natural protective mechanism begins a vicious circle. Persons using pulsating magnetic fields for this particular indication, often find the affected muscles relaxed, pressure on the spinal disk eased and the vicious cycle broken after a few treatments. The pain eases in a natural way.

How does the blood circulation improve?

Even the smallest blood vessels in the periphery are (longitudinal) muscle fibres. These vessels are also called terminal vascular beds. They are activated by the vegetative nervous system. As explained above,  “hyper polarization” is induced on these “myoceptors” (transmission point from nerve to muscles cells). This weakens nerve impulse to the nerve cell so that the nerve cell relaxes. The cross section of the smallest blood vessels is being expanded and blood circulation improved. The increased circulation, together with the above mentioned improved oxygen supply and improved metabolism, produces and ideal combination.

Pulsed Magnetic-resonance-stimulation can be analgesic:

The analgesic effect takes place through easing tense muscles, which has already been explained. Relaxation of muscles combined with improved circulation can often eliminate the cause of the pain rather than just masking the symptom. At this point, the additional analgesic effect of the pulsating magnetic field acting on the pain transmitters of the nervous system should be noted.

At the joining points of individual pain transmitting cells (the medical term is “synapses”) the electromagnetic impulse causes “hyper polarization”, as previously mentioned. The pain signal from the periphery (knee, back etc.) is transmitted to the brain in a weakened state and pain perception decreases. In the case of alleviated (often chronic) pain, it is common for pain to completely disappear in this manner. Pain medication taken can be reduced or even discontinued! (Naturally the increased metabolism also enhances the effectiveness of pain medication. Consequently, medication doses can often be reduced.)

Pulsed Magnetic-resonance-stimulation can be “calmative” to the vegetative nervous system:

The vegetative nervous system consists of two groups of nerves: the sympathetic nervous system (stress nerves) and the parasympathetic nervous system (relaxing effects). If the nervous system is not balanced, the medical community calls this disorder “vegetative dystonia”. The results are serious, long-term health consequences: migraine, circulatory disorders, inflammatory bowel diseases, chronic constipation, ulcers, asthma and skin problems, to name a few. Some medical studies conclude that dysfunction of the vegetative nervous system is responsible for about 70% of all doctor visits.

Excessive stress belongs in this category as well! Stress over-activates the sympathetic nervous system with consequences that should not be taken lightly: it indirectly weakens the immune system to numerous infections and plays a significant part in the development of tumours. The application of proper therapeutic magnetic fields (such as with the MRS 2000 +), can balance a dysfunctional nervous system by positively influencing the cycle. Accurately pulsating magnetic fields deflate the sympathetic nervous system and increase its threshold. This is the same basic principle as explained before.

Pulsed Magnetic-resonance-stimulation can strengthen the immune system:

The various effects that positively influence the immune system have already been discussed. A balanced vegetative nervous system is as beneficial as an improved circulation combined with optimal oxygen supply. Optimal oxygen supply facilitates a properly functioning immune system. All these active mechanisms have already been explained. Moreover, appropriate pulsating magnetic fields boost the amount of calcium (Ca++) available to the immune system. Since our bodies consist mainly of water (H20), there are sufficient low-charged hydrogen ions (H+) present in the tissue. These are the smallest ions present in the body and under the influence of magnetic fields; they begin to “migrate”. Two of these H+ ions replace one Ca++ ion, bound in the tissue allowing Calcium to be released and available to the immune system to do its important job.

Pulsed Magnetic-resonance-stimulation can amplify the natural vibrations of cells and organs, consequently improving cell function and cell metabolism.

All matter possesses natural vibrations with individually differing frequencies and wavelengths. This is also true of the building blocks of the human organism (cells and organs). External magnetic fields applied correctly and with a defined frequency, activate organs and cycles according to their natural frequencies, producing resonance and thereby intensifying vibration. It is important to note, that over the course of the day, these external magnetic fields are optimally adjusted to the changing frequency and intensity of the organism. Moreover, the activity of organs and hormonal glands should not be activated with the same intensity at all times of the day. For this reason many pulsed magnetic stimulators divide the day in time zones.

The principle of resonance: The German made Mediconsult's MRS 2000 + and iMRS are designed to pulse with a “saw-tooth profile” fully taking advantage of the principle of resonance. The use of the full-body matt, allows for maximum frequency, while harmonizing with the different time zones of each day (Chinese organ clock). The cell groups and organs of the body behave like side-by-side “tuning forks”: If their own frequency is reached during treatment, their vibrations are intensified and their energy potential is increased accordingly. An improved function of the affected cell groups is the logical outcome.

DISCLAIMER: DRay is designated as a 'Health Technician' having graduated from the MediConsult® Academy in accordance with European guidelines 93/42.EWG. MediConsult® nor it's designated 'Heath Technicians' claim to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat diseases. DRay and the ICCA-IRM Counselling, Coaching & Wellness Clinic cautions not to undertake any of the therapies described on these pages without the consultation of a licensed healthcare provider. Mediconsult's MRS 2000 + and iMRS fulfills all requirements for supplying pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) for home use in most countries worldwide. MediConsult® devices are registered and regulated by the FDA in the United States and in Europe are certified as Class lla-medical device within the directive EEC 93/42. All systems have CE and CD certification. MediConsult® and it's designated 'Health Technicians' highly respect their legal status within the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) field and do not make false calms, which are forbidden by law. MRS 2000 and iMRS devices and any of it’s claims have not been evaluated by any governmental agency or regulatory organization other than as noted above. For additional generic fact based information on PEMF - we recommends you visit


I. Psyche
It acts on the neuro-vegetative system with the subsequent anti- stress effects
In can have a positive effects on chronic stress, depression , focus and anxiety

II. Metabolism
Stimulation of digestion and increased bowel peristalsis
Stimulation of body detoxification
Normalization of metabolism, fatty acids and cholesterol
Regulation of blood sugar in the diabetic patient
Improved cell and tissue oxygenation

III. Blood supply
As an aid to burger disease (smoker arteriopathy)
As an adjunct natural therapy for Reynaud disease
As an aid to Ulcus Cruris Venosum and gangrene
Haematoma and oedema reduction
As an adjunct natural therapy for phelbocholosis and phlebocholosic ulcers
Prevention and improvement of thrombosis
Stabilization of blood pressure
Can be an aid in musculotensive headaches and other certain types of headache and migraine

IV. Cell and tissue regeneration
Can assist in healing of bedsores
Stimulation of bone callus formation in case of fractures
Can be helpful with degenerative osteo-articular diseases (Sudeck and Bechtereu diseases)
As a adjunct therapy with pseudo-arthrosis
Can aid in the treatment of osteosyntheses
Stimulation of bone callus formation in delayed fracture consolidation
Can be helpful in the stabilisation of endoprothesis
Can assist with chemically induced phlebitis and neuritis
Can be a valuable adjunct in working with events of traumatic origin

V. Skin diseases
Assist with atrophic skin diseases
Can aid in the treatment of psoriasis

VI. Immune activity
Activation of immune cells (macrophages)
Stimulation of immune defences (immunocompetant T lymphocytes)

VII. General effects
Optimisation of organic homeostasis by optimising cellular metabolism
Desaturation of the body polluted by “electromagnetic smog”

DRay uses and recommends MediConsult® Pulsed Magnetic Resonance Therapy Stimulator

MRS2000+ designo

iMRS is one of the world’s best wellness systems to promote anti-aging and total body cell rejuvenation.

In the field of Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) devices MediConsult's® German made stimulators have been a market leaders and innovators for the past 15 years and used world-wide in 21 countries. In early 2011 the new iMRS-Series (pictured below) will be available. The new iMRS is the culmination of over 15 years of research, engineering, development and manufacture - the next generation in the field of state-of-the-art pulsating magnetic therapy with many new innovations and models for home and medical or clinical use.

The frequency package that is embodied in the iMRS produces a pulsed magnetic resonance stimulation effect that imitates the low magnetic fields that occur naturally. The iMRS is a regulation/balancing system, which works at the cellular level to “normalize” the fundamental metabolic functions of every cell in the body. Research has shown that magnetic resonance stimulation effectiveness is not through heat production - as is the case with some modern treatments. It is at the cellular level. When the cells vibration is restored to its natural state of resonance this creates an ideal condition of resonance/coherence within the body so the body’s own intelligence can do the healing. The iMRS simply replaces a very essential and profound element that has always been apart of life and is now lacking in our modern lifestyles. The iMRS comes in three diff rent models; the Wellfit, Complete and Professional. A redesigned integrated Sound-Light Relaxation System (iSLRS) is available and the exciting new iMOORE (integrated MOitoriung and REgulation technology) which enables the iMRS to "listen" to your body and adapt iMRS signals to dynamically support optimal balance of your body's regulatory systems. Over time the iMRS. when used with optional iMOORE, can train and improve your personal heart rate variability (HRV). The photoplethysmographic (PPG) sensor is an optically obtained volumetric measurement which monitors heart rate and cardiac cycles interpreted as heart rate variability (HRV). The optic sensor is pictured at the extreme right.

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