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Health & wellness therapists and life coaches recognize that the body/mind/spirit is multidimensional and must be considered as one complete entity.  For whatever reason, most traditional doctors believe that they can control pain and disease by suppressing the symptom with drugs, manipulating and/or removing the offending part of the body in order to effect healing.

What we must realize is that what we do to one part of the body also has effects on the whole body. Our body, mind, and spirit interact to form an integrated, functioning unit. God originally designed and created a perfect peaceful, healthy, content body and then included directions on how to have an abundant, exciting, peaceful and healthy life, yet in this busy world many have lost track of the directions.

The discovery that the mind influences all behaviour has led to a new approach in the clinical aspect of Mind/Body medicine. Psychoneuroimmunology has been scientifically documented to show that negative sensory input (thoughts, feelings and actions) disrupt the chemical balance in our body, cause all cellular processes to go into depression and begin to break down, along with slowing down the function of the immune and endocrine systems. Most researchers know how the body responds to sensory input caused by negative feelings and reactions, yet they have not discovered how to stop the effect of this negative feedback that causes the breakdowns, other than to suggest a positive mental attitude.

Our mind/body is a sensitive computer continuously recording all the various systems and inputs that operate within our body. It stores programs in cellular memory in various locations throughout our body. From our and other researchers we have discovered that not only does constant negative programming cause breakdowns in the body but that this negative input  can cause depression, weakness and pain in muscles, joint pain, and can even create illness and life-threatening diseases.

Why is monitoring our thoughts so important?

  • 87% of illness is a direct result of our toxic thought life
  • our cells have memory … there is continuous communication between our brain and the cells in our body … our cells literally reflect our thought life…toxic thoughts equals toxic cells which equals eventual illness and unhappiness!
  • research shows that fear triggers more than 1,400 known physical, biochemical and electrical responses and activates more than 30 different hormone transmitters
  • fear is at the root of stress
  • our emotions regulate what we experience as our reality … our emotions are literally cellular messengers that translate information throughout our mental and physical body 

What is the impact on the body of suppressing our feelings?

  • if we suppress our feelings ….they never die or go away …and  they eventually come out sometime in our life .. expressing themselves in different ways and attitudes here are some of the most common:
    • perfectionism
    • a desire to control … or having underdeveloped boundaries
    • self-doubt … lower self-esteem and confidence
    • cynicism (An attitude of scornful or jaded negativity, especially a general distrust of the integrity or professed motives of others
    • criticism … and self criticism
    • promiscuity.. or introverted sexuality …or other sexual difficulties
    • a tendency to over-react … or under-react
    • repressed anger in early life can result in depression
  • Unexpressed or suppressed emotions are moving, dynamic, pulsing masses of electromagnetic and chemical reactions
  • these will at some point erupt or cause harmful body reactions … unless given an outlet .. or released
  • there is a bio-molecular reaction to every emotion that you feel  - -these neuro- peptides … molecules of emotions… travel throughout the body
  • if they are toxic they will alter cellular memory …-and enter the cell and cause illness
  • It is critical to realize that suppressed emotional pain doesn’t just disappear … it can turn into lingering physical and emotional pain . If we bury our emotions … we are burring something that is still alive. Your mind views SUPPRESSED EMOTION AS FEAR … the fear remains unless you deal with it.  Dealing with toxic thoughts is not a luxury it is a necessity.
  • If we consciously decide to deny or reject an emotion that is uncomfortable, it goes into our unconscious mind (the back part of our brain) and into a process called automatization.  Normally we first do this consciously… but as we train ourselves to continue to do this …it becomes an automatic reaction.  From then on our mind perceived these suppressed emotions as fear.
  • It is now proven that repressed emotions impede the normal flow of molecules impacting processes like digestion, breathing, immunity, blood flow and others. This alters positive body functions (physical, mental and spiritual) deep in the cells of our body.
  • The harder we try to suppress emotions the harder they try to be heard… there is a bio-molecular reaction to every emotion that you feel. These molecules of emotion move through the body, and if they are toxic, they will alter cellular memory, enter the cell and cause illness.

What are some of the toxic emotions and what part of the body can they harm?



  • the heart has a “mini brain” and it is ultra-sensitive to what we think and feel …it has its own independent nervous system with about 40,000 neurons
  • literally heart aches … are toxic chemicals and can play a role in causing heart attacks or even stopping the heart from working altogether
  • Your hearts is in constant communication with your brain in four ways; neurologically (nerve impulses), biochemically (through hormones and neurotransmitters), biophysically (through pressure waves) and energetically (through electromagnetic field interaction) .. emotions can even affect artery plague.

Like the heart, our immune system is also neurologically sensitive to our thought life. The toxic waste generated by our toxic thoughts and emotions can cause problems with the immune system.  When our thought life is toxic it generates blood proteins called cytokines, which are known to produce fatigue and depression.

When the immune system faces toxic thoughts and emotions it loses its natural ability to discern the true enemy and begins to attach healthy cells and tissues and becomes less able to fight the true invaders. 

  • COMMON TOXIC EMOTIONS OF THE IMMUNE SYSTEM ARE:  Resentment – bitterness – lack of forgiveness - Self-hatred
  • TOXIN EMOTIONS CAN CONTRIBUTE TO THESE IMMUNE SYSTEM PROBLEMS:  Type 1 diabetes – CANCER – ASTHMA BRONCHITIS - ALlergies – Skin Problems - Crohn’s Disease -  Autoimmune Diseases (LIKE lupus, rheumatoid arthritis),  inflammation -FIBROMYALGIA
  • The Central Nervous System (CNS) is the main target of toxic thoughts and emotions.  Once the body is in stress mode from fear and cortisol is flowing, dendrites start shrinking and falling off (where memory is stored)…and the chemical balance of the brain is impacted dramatically.
  • TOXIC EMOTIONS CAN CONTRIBUTE TO TheSE Central Nervous System PROBLEMS:  Depression –Phobias -Panic attaches -Fatigue - Lethargy – Exhaustion  -Insomnia – Anxiety -Brain Fog -Lack of Creativity – Headaches - Poor memory
  • It is critical to realize that suppressed emotional pain doesn’t just disappear … it can turn into lingering physical and emotional pain . If you burry your emotions … you are burring something that is still alive. Your mind views SUPPRESSED EMOTION AS FEAR … the fear remains unless you deal with it.  Dealing with toxic thoughts is not a luxury it is a necessity.
  • TOXIC EMOTIONS CAN CONTRIBUTE TO THESE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM PROBLEMS: Constipation – Diarrheic - Nausea & VOMITING - cramping- Ulcers - Leaky gut syndrome (when nutrients leak out of the stomach and colon walls instead of being absorbed into the cells) -  Irritable bowel syndrome (the intestines squeeze too hard or not hard enough so food moves too slowly or two quickly)
    • fertility problems
    • sexual functioning issues
    • muscular tension in the neck, throat and back
    • viral infections to the common cold
    • brittle bones

The Good News

The good news is that science clearly links your thoughts and emotions to your physical and mental well-being.  As you learn how to manage your thought life and your emotions .. and as you risk to deal with suppressed toxic emotions … as you forgive those you hold any toxic emotions against …the more you and your mind and body will return to the way you were created to be … healthy … excited about life …satisfied … able to show and give love … able to form lasting caring relationships … feeling truly good about yourself … and able to be at peace and rest .

What are some keys to experience healing?

Love, gratefulness, acceptance and forgiveness are keys to experiencing healing. Control, manipulation, judgment, authority, resentment and self-righteousness can only create rejection, anger and fear, which in turn cause pain, contraction and abandonment. This will eventually end up in dysfunctional behaviour, depression, illness and disease. Love, forgiveness and acceptance cause happiness, expansion and healing. Our whole being moves in the direction of our persistent most dominate thoughts or as the Bible puts it  “as a man thinks…. (over time) so is he”.

Through the work of DRay (Health & Wellness Therapist and Life Coach), you are empowered to make accurate choices to heal the fear that causes illness, disease, addiction, rage, uncontrolled anger, irrational behaviour, dysfunctional relationships, fear of commitment and intimacy, mental and physical abnormalities without damage or pain to their body and mind.

When you learn that there is no lack of love, you can heal your separation from yourself and from God. We can heal most anything with love, gratitude, acceptance and forgiveness. Recovery is possible and miracles do happen; all you must do is step out of illusion/denial and detach from needs and wants, so that you can take responsibility and be authentic and tell the truth. Love, peace, happiness, joy, harmony are our entitlements and inheritance. We can have it all now.

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